Thursday, June 5, 2008

Latest fashion and grammar gripes -- March 4, 2007

So it's happening again. Yes, it is literally that time again.

Honestly, it is time for the grammar and fashion nazi.

I mean me. In the third person.

Stop starting your sentences with "so." Why is this a language trend right now? I've yet to figure it out. And I've had to be careful as to not engage in it myself ... it just makes no sense to start every sentence with the word, "so." Were you just in the middle of telling me something? No. If you just started a conversation with me, please don't start your sentence with this word.

Also, "literally." If I hear one more person say they were literally doing something, I will literally puke.

"At the end of the day" and "honestly." These two just will not go away. Go away, I say. Back to the dictionary of misused phrases.

It is not a coincidence that joining corporate America makes me notice these phrases all the more ...

OK ... before I say anything incriminating, on to fashion.

Where can I begin?

Apparently, the goal this spring is to look like a tent. Or perhaps a sail boat, since the nautical look is still huge. Maybe a striped tent on a sail boat, with really long black legs and arms. And black-rimmed eyes. And a long, side-swept bang that hides those beautiful foreheads and shows off those unfortunate, aging jaws. And makes everyone's baby-hairs all the more pronounced because of the nature of the cut.

I know, I know, the hairstyle is 80s. It's punk.
The makeup is 60s. It's mod.
The dresses are 60s and 70s. They're ... um, well they're maternity-wear.

For the past year or so, trendy ladies have stuffed themselves into leggings and straight-leg jeans. And ballet flats. And long, body-hugging layers, and thick belts. And thick headbands (see earlier Peg Bundy post). And dark nails. And red lips.

And now we have a complete fashion turn-around. Now we have wide-leg jeans. And platforms. And short, a-line, flouncy minidresses. And thin headbands. And white nails.

The things that just won't go away? Shrugs. Stripes. Thick black belts.

These are not really flattering. On anyone. They are cute. But not flattering.

I love having to update my wardrobe this extensively every season.

Can we please figure out which decade we are living in? And stick to it for at least a little while?

And the requisite, style icons setting the trends:

Poor little rich girl.

Poor old rich girl.

Poor punk girl.

Yes, all roads do lead to Blondie. At least the cool ones do.


lac said...

From melo -- Oh so true! I can't quite bear to waste the best years of my life in a tent, damnit i have a waist x

lac said...

From Raising B -- That is so cool. I love it.
Yes, i agree, those words need to go. I'm going to start a list and put it right next to my screen. Thanks for pointing them out.

lac said...

From Wry Writer -- Can we add "the fact that" to the list of offenses? This meaningless little tidbit is popping up all over the place. I still can't deal with "impact" as a verb and now I come to MySpace where "friend" is a verb. Love your fashion comments. I spent a few years in that business in NY a long time ago. It was fun, it was wild, but it made no sense. It seems that we've run out of anything new so we just keep sticking together shiny pieces of the past like magpies building nests. Did you see the piece on Galanos in the April Vanity Fair? I was in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago and saw a woman at dinner who must have just come from a set. She was done completely late 1940s/early 1950s and looked gorgeous. I know that look was a lot of work -- the hair, the make up, the cinched waist -- but damn it worked. That was dedication to fashion.

lac said...

From JIB -- The grammar gripe is excellent.

Your fashion insight appeals to me because fashion isn't my style, but I've been asked to write about fashion a couple of times.

I like your entire style and I'm happy to have befriended you.

Thank you.