Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MOHs and Ann Taylor

My best friend is currently planning her wedding for December and I get to be the Maid of Honor, so I thought I'd make a habit of posting fashion details on here, just for the sake of gathering a consensus. Now I can't post her dress, of course, because her fiance might stumble across this blog. But for the time-being, let's just say that so far this is my favorite choice (if it were me getting married). Yes, I am a bit of a princess.

As for the bridesmaid dresses:

It's rather convenient that the models pictured here have both lighter- and darker-colored skin as it will be me and two Chinese girls wearing these dresses in some tropical locale. I hope my skin doesn't get as red as the dress just before wearing it (I tend to burn before I tan). Overall, though, I think these were a nice choice.

My friend said she wants to wear flip-flops with her dress, because she will be on a beach and people won't be able to see her feet anyway. But then she thinks the other girls should wear silver, strappy heels. I said, "Why should we wear shoes if you don't have to?" I was kidding, of course. But still -- I imagine it might be difficult to navigate across sandy dunes in heels.

In any case, I'm thrilled to be an MOH -- that's what the cool bridal sites call "Maid of Honor." I use the term "cool" loosely. I think I do very well with having tasks delegated to me, though, if that makes any sense. It also helps that I'm currently unemployed and aching for something to do other than my part-time copy editing. Hence the revival of this blog!

My next task is to search for a pretty makeup tutorial for Asian women (the bride is also Chinese). Any one know of one online?

As for recent grammar and fashion gripes ... I recently read an interview in "In Style" magazine that used the word "shockaroonie," which caused me to do a double-take. Mostly because it's just not a word. Later in that same article, Anne Hathaway said she tried to become more "muscle-y" when she could just as easily have said "muscular." Oh, Anne. And I thought you seemed so bright and proper. Then again, she must be going through hell right now with her ex's exploits and she was really good in "Get Smart," so I should probably cut her some slack.

Two pages after that interview, I discovered a pretty horrid neologism in an ad, but I can't remember what it was this second ... I'll have to check it out when I get the issue back from my mother.

Which brings me to my craving of the moment -- aviator sunglasses. Just saw "Wanted" with my boyfriend (it was his second time watching it since he loooooves Angelina Jolie) and I was seriously inspired by Angelina's awesome aviators. I discovered this pair in Ann Taylor the next day:

My mother, on the other hand, has been wearing a pair of Baby Phat sunglasses all summer without her knowledge, which is terribly chic and funny at the same time.

When I pick up those sunglasses, I might have to also pick up this sundress, as I've been searching for one all summer and I'm going to a garden party this weekend:

This item is also from Ann Taylor, which is apparently the place to be this summer. For me, anyway.

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