Thursday, July 2, 2015

Writing Away From Home—and Here Again, Soon

Just wanted to update everyone that I'm currently recapping True Detective over at Basket of Kisses. Please go check it out if you're interested in finding my writing somewhere! No old magazines this time...and lord knows I have a computer filled with those. Just finding some pictures to post here today has been difficult because I have to scour through a year's worth of Good Housekeepings (1969-1970, specifically). If there's any interest, by the way, I'd be happy to post the ones that didn't make the cut!

I'll still be updating Fashion and Grammar Gripes as well, while I complete my memoir about my dad and train for the NYC Marathon. (I'm raising money for a nonprofit called End Distracted Driving—they go to high schools all around the country and educate kids about the dangers of distracted driving, which was how I lost my dad [the teen driver who hit him with her SUV was on her cell phone]. You can find my fund-raising page here—every little bit helps: The going has been tough so far, but I'm determined. Six miles today. I'll write about it here later.

After my half-marathon in September 2014 in Philly

Stay tuned this weekend for a post about this incredible party I went to about a month ago with the biggest Mad Men fans in the world!

I'll also be updating here a bit in the next year about my wedding plans. So far, we have the venue and officiant picked out, the bridal party has been chosen and my mom is quite ahead of the pack with her bridal shower plans.

Still have to narrow down our catering and photographer...not to mention how we're going to save this money in a year (the wedding is set for May 28, 2016, two days before the real anniversary of the day we met—May 30, 2003). Oh, and we also have our florist, my lovely and very smart and resourceful sister-in-law, Jessi Wilson. She's started her own floral business and is already being featured in wedding blogs all over (and check out that awesome logo—I contributed some illustration work, which I do on the side).

Here are some shots of our venue, Casa de D'avid in Wrightsville, PA.


And here's my latest idea for a save-the-date (David Kin, our officiant and the owner of the venue, has some balanced rocks in his front yard—you can see them in the nighttime view above):

Be back soon!

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